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CG 1HP Single Phase 1440RPM Electric Motor - GF6566

CG 1HP Single Phase 1440RPM Electric Motor - GF6566
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CG 1HP Single Phase 1440RPM Electric Motor - GF6566
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  • Brand: CG
  • Model: GF6566
  • CG Single Phase Motors are used in variety of applications in households and small industrial sectors, where three phase power supply is not available. Single Phase motors are classified based on the type of starting mechanism. Widely used starting mechanisms are Split Phase, Capacitor Start and Run, Capacitor Start Induction Run & Capacitor Start Capacitor Run. Depending upon the application load characteristics, mounting suitability and cooling mechanisms.

    CG 2 HP Single Phase 1440 RPM Foot Mounted Induction Motor Catalog Reference No : GF6566, is a heavy duty motor ideal for Compressor, Polish Machine, Service Pump, Floor Mill, Grinder and multi purpose applications, GF6566 can be bought from at the  most competitive price, than anywhere else in India, because this site is backed by one of the strongest dealer of CG M/s Maheshwari Agencies.  You can purchase CG 2 HP Single Phase 4 Pole Foot Mounted Induction Motor GF6566 and rest assured to get the best in terms of price, durability, performance and warrantee. 

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